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Handcrafted designer blue stone ring for men & womens - Silver statement ring by LUGDUN AR
Men's Designer Larimar Stone Silver Ring  - Mens handcrafted ring by LUGDUN ARTISANS .jpg
Designer blue Stone Silver Ring for men & women - Mens handcrafted ring by LUGDUN ARTISANS

This ring holds a 8mm square Larimar stone in a unique organic style bezel that is complimented by a base resembling a wooden frame. It has a modern yet rustic look to it that is edgy, with unique design that offers an artistic feel to it, making it a piece that certainly stands out.  


From the band to the Larimar stone (also called "Stefilia's Stone"), a rare blue variety of the silicate mineral pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic, the entire ring has been designed, sourced, and made by hand.


Perfect for the modern day office type or rebellious individual, the distinct frame design and color makes it a conversational piece, easily admired by all.


Made of solid sterling silver, it's a quality piece that's an excellent accessory for any man’s or woman’s casual and formal look. 


Made in the U.S.A.


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LUGDUN ARTISANS - Handcrafted rings and jewelry for Biker , Rocker and Rebl Men. Men's rin
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LUGDUN ARTISANS specializes in handcrafting original jewelry made to stand apart from the rest. No CAD. No CNC. JUST PURE HANDCRAFTED CUSTOM UNIQUE WORK! We don’t mass produce. Using lost wax methods, our goal is to design hand carved jewelry that represent the Rebel biker, rocker, tattooed and elite men & women with designs that are unique, rugged, tough, big, heavy, modern, sophisticated and just plain cool!

Since officially launched, we have become a known brand amongst celebrities and the average rebel alike. Our goal is to make sure that every piece we handcraft carries over quality and makes a bold statement representative of its owner. You can be assured that every piece is created right here in the U.S.A. and that we represent American born products as the best in the world.



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