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Designer fashion Silver Round Spiked Bracelet for men & women hancrafted in the USA by LUG
Men's & women's designer Silver Round Spiked Bracelet hancrafted in the USA by LUGDUN ARTI
Handcrafted Designer Silver Round Spiked Bracelet for men & women - USA made by LUGDUN ART


Like art, this unique cuff bracelet can represent a lot to the interpreter. One thought is said that it expresses life itself with a beginning and an end, and the ups and downs in between. The end result, like life itself, it is a beautiful thing to see and experience.


Handcrafted in the USA by Master Artisans, this original Sterling silver cuff bracelet is handcrafted one at a time just for you. It’s a perfect accessory for any men’s and women’s style, with a cool distinct design consisting of round spikes across the band ending in rectangular shaped tips. It’s incredibly stylish, complementing a wide range of darker and lighter garments, making it an ideal choice for corporate wear and casual attire.


Whether you are looking for a laid-back look, or pushing for a more serious or sophisticated statement, our silver spiked cuff bracelet is the perfect piece for you.


You can see the crude beginnings in the interior of each of our pieces. If you look closely, you will even spot marks left by the creator's fingerprints. No piece is computer designed nor fabricated. This means that each LUGDUN ARTISANS piece that you wear is as unique as your own fingerprint. IT'S TIME TO TREAT YOURSELF TO SOMETHING WORTHY OF YOU!

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LUGDUN ARTISANS - Handcrafted rings and jewelry for Biker , Rocker and Rebl Men. Men's rin
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LUGDUN ARTISANS specializes in handcrafting original jewelry made to stand apart from the rest. No CAD. No CNC. JUST PURE HANDCRAFTED CUSTOM UNIQUE WORK! We don’t mass produce. Using lost wax methods, our goal is to design hand carved jewelry that represent the Rebel biker, rocker, tattooed and elite men & women with designs that are unique, rugged, tough, big, heavy, modern, sophisticated and just plain cool!

Since officially launched, we have become a known brand amongst celebrities and the average rebel alike. Our goal is to make sure that every piece we handcraft carries over quality and makes a bold statement representative of its owner. You can be assured that every piece is created right here in the U.S.A. and that we represent American born products as the best in the world.



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