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LUGDUN ARTISANS - Testimonials & Customer reviews. Lugdun Artisans celebrity fashion jewelry. American Artisan handcrafted Sterling Silver Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces & Pendants.

Read what others say about us.

To enhance our customer confidence, we have teamed up with Kudobuzz to ensure you have independent verified reviews from a 3rd party. Additionally, you can read what they say about us at . 

"5 out of 5 stars. Great customer service! Item arrived in excellent condition. Crafted with love and dedication." - Julius G.

"Very high quality. Best seller on etsy" - Michael


"Love this seller. I bought 3 huge rings that are amazing. Trust me it's worth it." - Michael


"You are amazing. Thank you." - Michael


"Fast shipping, great weight and quality. Great communication. I’ll definitely be buying more from this shop. Thanks for such a unique piece" - Ryan


"An amazing neckless. Thank you for the prompt delivery" - John G.


"Wow, what an incredible experience! I thought service like this was dead! Not only is the jewelry stunning, but they were so responsive, polite, and made sure I had my order rushed because I was leaving out of town. Absolutely the best!" - Lance R.


"5 out of 5 stars. I am very happy with my silver ring. It is very unique and very beautiful. Thank you also for the prompt delivery" - Jose P. 

"We ordered a bracelet - turquise and silver! The bracelet arrived within a few days! The quality is great - exactly what we wanted! We are having a lot of fun with this unique piece of jewelry! In addition, the seller always tried to meet our wishes! Absolutely recommended! Greetings from Austria" - Jasmin S.


"Awesome ring!!!! Fits great and looks super badass! Amazing communication and service; very quick shipping as well. I highly recommend this shop! Thank you very much." - Annick B. 

"Another outstanding and quality product from Lugdun Artisans! Thanks!" - Doug K.

"Thank you very much, I love my bracelet, how it looks and how it fits me is perfect and the attention they give me was great" - Juan A.


"A great ring! I’m very happy with it. Thank you for all your help regarding ring size that enabled me to confidently place an order." - Graham J.


"I ordered these ear weights for my partner only a few days before Christmas and they showed up a day before Christmas. My partner loves these earweights and they make a bold statement! So beautiful!!" - Tony S.

"5 out of 5 stars. Perfect sizing. Heavy thick piece! Super comfortable for everyday wear. Very fast service. Thank you so much!" - Eve G.


"5 out of 5 stars. Very happy with the purchase. I love the rawness of this piece. The weight is perfect. These works, from this shop, are solid. I highly recommend these artists." - William J.


5 out of 5 stars" - Kevin R.


"Awesome ring! My third ring from Lugdun! Two bracelets also! All the best!" - Doug K.

"Great piece as always and shipping is super fast" - Ralph W.

"The bracelet was absolutely gorgeous, she loved it" - Ron K.

"Fantastic ring! Large and solid with excellent craftsmanship. Unique design - I'm wearing it now!" - James C.

"Very well made ring. Impressive." - Allen W.

"Second purchase from this artist. The ring is very cool and looks great. Turnaround time was quick. Great experience." - SRH Black 

" Super, great, fast delivery, uncomplicated, good service The chain is solid (I would have liked it to be even heavier, but it matches the description)"  - Andre B.

"I purchased earrings as a gift. I was looking for custom and unique for someone special! The gift was very much appreciated and they felt the same loved them! Thank you I will be purchasing something else" - David P.

"The best of the best! I am a men’s bracelet junky and I like a chunky/hunker bracelet. This is an awesome bracelet and design. Thanks again!" - Doug K.

"I love my Lugdun products! I have three with my most recent purchase being the Reaper ring! Excellent craftsmanship! Thanks!

Very happy with my Grim Reaper ring! Excellent craftsmanship! Thanks!" - Doug K.


"I have purchased rings, a necklace, and now two cuffs for men from Lugdun Artisans. All of these pieces of jewelry are crafted with exceptional quality. I love my latest purchase, two of the solid cuffs. They are fantastic." - Chris J.

"My lord, presentation was amazing. And if that wasn’t cool enough I opened it to find a beautiful and Heavy peace of art. I 100% will be shopping here again." - Austin R.


"Absolutely stunning piece, I’ve only had it for 3 days now and I get compliments everywhere I go. It’s very unique compared to any other snake ring. That’s what I look for in jewelry is something that will stand out and this hits the nail on the head. I can’t wait till I buy my next ring or bracelet!" - Austin R.

"Love this ring so much. I had one previously and lost it - couldn't live without it so ordered again. Wonderful product and quality. Thank you!" - Kim G.

"Each and every piece I’ve received has been carefully crafted in their own way & love the idea and stories behind them! Life customer , Keep up the amazing works! - Tony G.

"Lugdun Artisans. As the name claims, it truly is a magnificent piece of art that is really a 1 of 1 piece. I’ve not yet found a current day silver artisan which has created pieces like Lugdun. Sincerely, an incredibly satisfied customer." - Paul Y. 


"As a former Professional Photographer who has been published Worldwide in some of the biggest Fashion and Beauty magazines I recognize great style and was looking for something special something that had that certain texture and feel to it and would reflect my personality.  I don’t know what it is but artist in particular like silver, rough edges and texture and I think that’s what makes Lugdun jewelry so special.  For months I searched the internet and kept coming back to Lugdun.  Their pieces spoke to me and I wound up deciding on the Cross Pendant. 

What I liked about it over other crosses I saw was its bulk, it looked like a really nice heavy manly piece which is exactly what you get.  The other thing I liked about it was its texture it wasn’t finished in the traditional sense but looked like something I would have found when diving an old Spanish wreck that has been lying at the bottom of the ocean for hundreds of years, a real treasure.
If you’re looking for something special to add to your collection let me tell you that you won’t be disappointed!!!!  When I finally decided to purchase this piece I called Marcos and he was awesome.  He told me he would have it sent out in a few days and in about a week I had it and I couldn’t have been happier." - Quinten P.

"Amazing ring thanks!!!" - Matt F.

"There is no one better at customer service... And then the quality of the craftsmanship is bar none.. Slowly replacing most of my jewelry with Lugdun pieces..Well worth the cost!" - Lance W.

"Oh my gosh! This is the most stunning piece of art I own! It is so powerful, yet the attention to detail is impeccable! I collect skull rings. Everything from Kings Baby to relatively unknown artists, and this by far the "STAR OF MY COLLECTION!" Thank you for going out of your way to create something so awesome in my size. I know that took extra effort, and your customer service greatly appreciated!" - Alvaro C.
"These guys ARE Artisans! Getting a custom piece made by them is like taking a step back in time. Awesome, handcrafted one-of-a-kind! No one else has my ring. They don't sell "big box" items! Their pieces aren't for the average Joe. I will definitely recommend to my friends!" - Chris J.
" I'm very pleased with their craftsmanship! Great detail and very heavy. My ring is worth its cost in material alone" - Ron J.

"Great piece! Heavy yet classy and quality men's pendant. Chain matches it well. Excellent customer service as well. Chain is a great match to the pendant. I was going to use another chain I had. I'm glad I decided to buy this one." - Stephen S.


"Ordered and then shipped out the next day. Awesome product. Love the look, feel and quality!!!!!!!! Will purchase from Marcos again and may get him to design a few pieces for me. Customer service was excellent. Do yourself a favor and check out Marcos and his work!!!!!!!!!!" - Joey A.

"The quality is great . And the seller is a pleasure to deal with .. would definitely recommend to anyone"  - Larry W.

"Great craftsmanship. Very unique one-of-a-kind pieces". - Roberto C.M.
"Awesome! I had a custom ring made by these guys. The ring is heavy and not cheap like the other stuff you find in the usual street fair or biker shop. I highly recommend these guys. Great Craftmanship!" - Paul S.

"This ring is cool right out of the box, the look of the ancient Norse! Big, massive and Norse ancestors would be proud..." - Tim G.

"This was a gift for my husband. The chain is ruggedly beautiful and my he absolutely loves it! They were quick to respond to my questions and I received the chain in less than a week. I will definitely be back for more." - Kimberly E.

"I like it! Nice piece. Right sized to avoid the attention whore effect of a ginormous pendant covering one’s torso. Thanks artist!" - SRH Black 


"This is the fourth work that I've purchased from this shop. Masterfully crafted. exceptional quality. This is truly a "Bad Ass" ring. Sold heavy and comfortable. There is nothing out there that comes close to the style, quality, or craftsmanship of these artist's. Immaculate detail. Also love the symbolism. The painting that inspired this piece, is one of my favorites. Very much recommend this shop and these works." - William J.

"This is my fourth piece from Marco and it is amazing! Detailed and unique; it is one very substantial piece of jewelry! I’ve purchased the skull with bone pendant with chain, skull ring and now the “Harrowing of Hell” ring. I appreciate the symbology almost as much as the artistry. But let’s face it, it’s a bad ass ring! Also, Marco is great to deal with. These pieces are worth every penny!" - Stephen S.

“Fast delivery. solid piece of work. these are exceptional quality, handmade works. before finding this shop I had looked for something unique. everywhere else I've looked I found the same type of jewelry. same skull and bones cooky cutter, junk. you won't find poor quality here. this is the fifth piece I've purchased, and every one of is exceptionally made. these works are heavy, well crafted, and solid. you can tell when you wear them, that the artist takes great pride in the work. if you have had your eye on something from this shop, buy it, you know what I'm talking about. very pleased. worth every penny.” - Stephen J.


"Exceptional quality. solid design and craftsmanship. Fits perfectly. Fast delivery. Very pleased. Worth every penny." - William J.

"Another great work. This is a heavy and solid ring. great fit and comfortable to wear. Fast delivery time, and professional service. I highly recommend the works from this shop. If you are looking for something unique, and exceptionally crafted, you will find it here. There is nothing ordinary about these designs. The care and skill that goes into these works is a rare thing these days." - Mark N.


"This shop is everything it says it is, and more. The qualities of these works, the presentation, and service, speak for themselves. Now after seeing it in person, I have to say, it is truly, a work of art. Fast delivery time, and professional service. I look forward to the next piece. Be safe out there, and thank you."  - William J.



"Great ring, you always deliver great things AAA+ all the way thanks" - Tony G.


"This is the third piece I’ve purchased from Lugdun Artists and it is just as awesome as the last two. This ring matches the pendant I bought previously. It is unique, heavy and very well made. It definitely looks and feels high quality because it is! I’m pretty sure I won’t bump into another guy wearing a skull ring this cool." - Stephen S.                


"Great ring, you are a one of a kind. Thank you. Look forward to get something from you again. Thanks" - Tony G.


"Outstanding Quality!!! Unique!!! Rugged!!! Exemplary Craftsmanship!!! Fast Service!!! Excellent Customer Service!!! Highly Recommended!!!" - Evolve E.



"5 out of 5 stars" - Burt N. 


"Amazing! Special thanks to Lugdun artisans. Very professional and polite." - Nicolo M.


"The finish wore off a little faster than I expected but overall great quality and craftsmanship. Ring was also a tad larger than a size 11 and slides around my finger."

- Matt F.

"My chain is excellent. Great web, very easy to order. Package was beautiful as well. Keep the faith." - Frank




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