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LUGDUN ARTISANS - Men's Celebrity Handcrafted Designer Sterling Silver Rings, Bracelets & Necklaces. American jewelry for the biker, tattoo and rocker community.

Buying a cool silver ring has never been easier online than with LUGDUN ARTISANS. We have unique womens rings that will fit anyone’s personal style. Whether you prefer a little something like a genuine sterling silver ring inspired by demons or something a bit more rugged like a skull ring or cross ring, we have something for you.

Built to last no matter how hard you are on them. Feel free to wear that awesome new heavy skull ring that completes your rebel look with a pair of biker jeans and a rocker leather jacket.

Let’s face it; it is not always easy to try to accessorize an outfit for a special occasion or everyday wear. So when you find the perfect shoes and shoes pair, don’t be afraid to accessorize. Outfits may not always feel complete out of the box, but you can certainly elevate your look by adding accessories. Find great biker rings, chain bracelets, biker necklaces or a bold ring to round out your wardrobe and to add a little bit extra edge to your rebellious style.

Our selection of cool rings comes in many different styles, giving you an edge on alternative fashion trends because you can express yourself while accessorizing. There Gothic jewelry for those with a darker, edgier taste and skull jewelry for all skull lovers.


Many of our handcrafted rings are hand anvil forged with precious metal, making them great statement pieces that are massive in size, a style that is rugged, luxurious, and that goes great with any casual attire, dress, or women’s formal executive designer work office suit. A perfect gift for any tattooed woman who is a punk rock musician, check out our hand-crafted hammered gifts, handmade in the USA.

Shop a great selection of Spring, fall, Autumn, Winter and Summer quality jewelry for women. Express your love to your valentine with great engagement and wedding rings or create a cool identity statement within the outlaw community this Christmas or at a New Year party with awesome Celtic rings, sophisticated crusader cross rings as if found from a battle field from the crusades, devil rings, Viking Thor rings, or death plague skull rings. Made in New York. On sale today! Made for body art tattoo individuals. Take your girl out on a date this work week or weekend on your Harley Davidson or Triumph motorcycle looking cool with LUGDUN ARTISANS. Handcrafting for the distinguished rebel.

Show the world your style with a powerfully distinctive ring from LUGDUN ARTISANS. Discover our quality handcrafted designer jewelry and shop from our selection of sterling silver rings.

 WOMEN'S Fashion Statement RINGS

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