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LUGDUN ARTISANS is an American born company dedicated to creating quality handcrafted jewelry using only precious metals, including sterling silver. Our goal is to create rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces representative of both men and women with designs that are rugged, tough, big, heavy, modern, sophisticated or just plain cool! Our pieces are among those favored by the distinguished elite.
We don't mass produce! Each piece is artisan handcrafted in our NYC workshop with a unique personality as a result. NEVER computer designed (CAD), each and every piece has its crude beginning whether anvil forged or wax carved, leaving a distinct characteristic feature imprinted in each body of jewelry you wear. Look close enough and you'll even catch partial fingerprints of the artisan, that were left behind on the original wax design, later casted into your distinct piece. Now that's cool! We encourage you to try LUGDUN ARTISANS jewelry to represent you.




LUGDUN ARTISANS was founded by Marcos Miranda in New York City. Arriving from Europe at an early age, he set in motion during his early 20's the steps necessary to build his shop dedicated to quality handcrafted jewelry that sets itself apart from the common rest. As a self-taught artisan, Marcos has devoted his energy to design and hand-craft unique, original artisan jewelry enjoyed and cherished by his customers.
"I never cared if the piece was going to a rock star, politician, biker or the average guy. LUGDUN ARTISANS makes sure that each and every single item that leaves the shop is representative of our brand. And that means that it better represent the utmost quality in craftsmanship, material and design." - Marcos Miranda

Since officially launched, LUGDUN ARTISANS has become a known brand amongst celebrities and the average rebel alike. Our goal is to make sure that every piece LUGDUN ARTISANS makes, carries over quality and makes a bold statement representative of its owner.

You can be assured that every piece is created right here in the U.S.A. and that we will represent American born products as the best in the world.

LUGDUN ARTISANS - Master Artisan & Founder Marcos Miranda

“We want to stand out from the typical ‘Biker Jewelry’ that tends to be cheap, flimsy, ordinary and light. When you wear a LUGDUN ARTISANS piece, you know you are wearing something of quality. And if the piece looks heavy, it’s because IT IS heavy!”


- Marcos Miranda -

Designer and Owner

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