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A LUGDUN ARTISANS pendant & necklace is shared with those closest to you. The people who know you and recognize you as a leader! Discover our LUGDUN ARTISANS handcrafted designer jewelry for men and shop from our selection of carved sterling silver skull and cross pendants and necklaces.

Accentuate your inner rebel look with some designer quality biker rocker necklaces for men and women. A striking necklace is bound to transform your outfit by adding a personalized aesthetic appeal. Enhance your evening wear, casual and formal collections by accessorizing with a statement making necklace. Adorn your neck with a heavy cross, demon, or skull, and leave heads turning wherever you go. Adorn your outfits with edgy inspired luxury jewelry and show the world you’ve got your eyes on top notch trends. Pair your badass necklaces featuring skulls and animal embellishments with a suit for that special event or dinner. As you shop for unique hand-crafted designs, LUGDUN ARTISANS necklaces are both cool and loud, making strong statements. USA handcrafted sterling silver necklaces for men and women. Find a piece that defines you today!

Many of our men’s handcrafted silver chain necklaces are anvil forged, making them great statement pieces that are massive in size, a style that is rugged, luxurious, and that goes great with any casual attire and shoes, dress, or mens formal executive designer work office suit. A perfect gift for any tattooed man who is a punk metal rock musician, check out our handcrafted hammered gifts, handmade in the USA.

Shop a great selection of Spring, fall, Autumn, Winter and Summer quality heavy fashion jewelry for men. Express your love to your valentine with great engagement and wedding necklaces or create a cool identity statement within the outlaw community this Christmas or at a New Year party with an awesome plague death skull necklace, chain necklace, biker demon devil necklace, Viking Thor necklace, or sophisticated crusader cross crucifix necklace as if found in a battle field from the crusades. Made in New York. On sale today! Made for body art tattoo individuals. Take your girl out on a date this work week or weekend on your Harley Davidson or Triumph motorcycle looking cool with LUGDUN ARTISANS. Handcrafting for the distinguished rebel. Ideal body modification jewelry and for body piercing.

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