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You can see the crude beginnings in the interior of each of our pieces. If you look closely, you will even spot marks left by the creator's fingerprints. No piece is computer designed nor fabricated. This means that each LUGDUN ARTISANS piece that you wear is as unique as your own fingerprint. IT'S TIME TO TREAT YOURSELF TO SOMETHING WORTHY OF YOU!



Discover LUGDUN ARTISANS unique handcrafted designer jewelry for sale for all occasions; from fashionable nights out in the town, to luxurious weddings, complimenting office attire or a stylish  suit formal events. Whether you are looking for a cool skull ring, unique statement ring or searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones, LUGDUN ARTISANS has the right sterling silver jewelry for men and women.
Our men’s fashion rings are perfectly suited for any rebellious fashionista looking to incorporate some edgy, and macabre accessories into their wardrobe. Whether wearing a suit or dress with a great pair of shoes at the office, going to a wedding party or simply taking your motorcycle out for a weekend ride, stand out from the common crowd and embrace your inner rebel by wearing unique pieces of jewelry that showcase your identity with skull-shaped designs, crosses and more. From luxuriously designed goth skulls to skeletal punk rock designs, these macabre creations will surely add an edgy and unique touch to any outfit. Shop LUGDUN ARTISANS today.
Complement a heavy anvil hammered  ring with a unique viking Thor necklace , skull earrings , opal ear weights or cuff bracelet to complete your outfit.
Ladies USA made skull rings are one of the most common types of accessories for tattooed women. They are an easy way to add a little something extra to any week day outfit and make perfect gifts. No matter what season it is; winter, spring, summer or autumn, you can put together a casual work outfit with a printed graphic t-shirt, jeans, and combat boots and accessorize it with a bold a Sterling Silver celtic ring, cross rings, demon devil ring, biker rocker ring, cuff bracelet, chain bracelet, chainlink bracelet, necklace, cross necklace, biker rocker necklace, or skull necklace.
A perfect gift to give to your Christmas or Valentines day love. Our sophisticated designs are hand-crafted in the USA using precious sterling silver metals.
Silver skull rings are ideal for any man and woman, especially if you have a sensitivity to metal. Sterling silver is a silver alloy that is known to be hypoallergenic, making it perfect for people who have mild metal allergies.
Also known for our massive handmade outlaw plague death necklaces, bracelets, earring weights and crusader crucifix, LUGDUN ARTISANS have the perfect accessories for the body art, and tattoo community. From people exploring body modification that are pierced with heavy piercings, want to explore body piercing, enjoy the crusades, play weekend musician or are a boardroom executive, we are a great way to express yourself! We offer hand forged engagement rings, made in New York with a luxury style. Enjoy women’s quality jewelry. Take your girl out on a date this new year on your Harley Davidson or Triumph motorcycle with us!
Mens Biker Rings & Bracelets - Statement
Massive Sterling Silver Skull Ring - Mens Biker Rocker Rebel Jewelry - Death Skull Ring -
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