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Handcuff Bracelet

Handcuff Bracelet


Raw and heavy. Our flagship silver bracelet is a design worthy of LUGDUN ARTISANS’ founder Marcos Miranda. Inspired by the old prison handcuffs of the day, it’s an incredibly rustic centerpiece for your wrist weighing over 5.5 ounces* and made of solid Sterling silver.

Just like its cousin, LUGDUN ARTISANS' Shackle Bracelet, this fashion piece is a symbol of freedom, independence and a demonstration of personal power. It's an edgy design certain to make statement of your rebel self.

Adhering to the company’s basic principles, this heavy silver bracelet represents every individual, whether man, woman, rich executive, biker, rocker or common rebel, with a quality piece that is made of pure solid sterling silver. An excellent accessory for any man’s casual look.

Available for wrist sizes 6 5/8” – 8”. (Please view our chart for reference)

*Weight varies upon selected size