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It’s a rustic, heavy, aged and stylish necklace that is cool. Handcrafted by LUGDUN ARTISANS, our Rustic Square Larimar necklace is ideal for a laid back look or for a more serious or sophisticated statement.  This thick silver pendant necklace is set with Larimar, a blue pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic. The color of the stones range from light blue with touches of aquamarine to strong, deep, electric blues. Natural white veined patterns make each piece unique. With a color reminiscent of the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, miners use primitive mining methods, mostly picks and shovels to extract the deposits of this unique gemstone. A perfect statement of rustic and elegance for him and her ideal for casual attire. Available in chain sizes 18” – 28”.

Rustic Framed Necklace

$560.00 Regular Price
$448.00Sale Price