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The number “6” is found in mathematics, music, astronomy, biology and even religion. Our cool snake-like design imitates this timeless symbol, while resting comfortably on your ear lobes. These ear hangers are hand forged on our anvil, creating a unique fingerprint on each piece made from Sterling silver, standing out from the everyday body modification fashion accessory.


It's time to stand out from your peers with these distinct handcrafted ear weights. We encourage you to try yours out today. We know you won't be disappointed!


Handcrafted in the U.S.A.


Sold as (1 pair)

Approximate Specs (Individual):

Length (mm): 58.55

Width (mm): 39.5

Weight (Gr.) 36

Weight (Oz.) 1.27

Spiral "6" Ear Weights | Sterling Silver

LUGDUN ARTISANS - Handcrafted rings and jewelry for Biker , Rocker and Rebl Men. Men's rin
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