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5 Unique Handcrafted Silver Bracelets for Men and Women.

Silver Cuff Bracelet for men. Handcrafted by LUGDUN ARTISANS

An ancient jewelry. Since the beginning of time, bracelets have been sought after and worn by the powerful, the confident, the rebellious and the distinguished. Worn by both men and women alike as a form of statement jewelry, bracelets come in all shapes, materials and sizes.

While men may be reluctant to wear jewelry, bracelets are by far their choice for fashion accessories. Bracelets lend distinction and are ideal for casual or dressy occasions. Some of the most popular bracelets are made from silver.

Keeping it simple and consistent with your personal style is the best way to go. Men’s bracelets don’t have to be over the top. A simple design can be stylish while not feeling forced. A good thought is to choose a design that you can wear regularly and that can co-exist with your current wardrobe. It should conform to your respective dress code. For classy, dressy, and formal office work attire, silver bracelets are definitely the way to go. Sterling Silver with a great pair of jeans in a more casual setting works just as great.

Investing on a good quality bracelet is always a good idea, especially if you are looking to wear it every day. Best to choose quality over quantity!

Below is a list of 5 Top handcrafted silver bracelets by LUGDUN ARTISANS. For all you new to the brand, LUGDUN ARTISANS is a New York City born company dedicated to creating quality handcrafted jewelry. The company’s goal is to create mens and womens rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces with designs that are rugged, tough, big, heavy, modern, sophisticated or just plain cool! Favored by the elite biker, tattoo, rocker and rebel community, LUGDUN ARTISANS has become a known brand amongst celebrities and the average rebel alike.

Never mass produced, each piece is artisan handcrafted in their NYC workshop with a unique personality as a result. As makers of quality handcrafted jewelry, LUGDUN ARTISANS offers 5 heavy Sterling Silver Bracelets perfect for any man or woman looking to stand out from their peers.

Made in NEW YORK. Made in the U.S.A.

Let’s begin!