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Best trends in Mens REBEL Fashion. Time to be Distinct and go Handmade.

A new trend is disrupting the world of fashion: Rebel Distinction. Men find themselves increasingly drawn to that which helps express their most unique and complimentary qualities. And where are they finding it? In something that exemplifies their break away from the norm, something that can only be one-of-a-kind. Not another mass-produced piece that was pushed out of an assembly line, but an heirloom crafted by the hands of a world-class artisan.

Mens & Womens Heavy Sterling Silver Skull Ring. Biker Rocker Ring. LUGDUN ARTISANS. USA Handcrafted

Indeed, it is possible to have a sophisticated sense of style, yet still remain a man of distinction. This is where the trend towards handcrafted jewelry excels: an artisan working with his own hands by his own set of rules that aren’t constrained by the pressures of corporate overhead compelled by a mundane society. In fact, these artisans are free to set themselves against it and reflect that rebellion within their craft.

As such, artisans are free to offer their select wares to those rebellious spirits who also choose to live apart. Each well crafted piece, then, comes with a history of its own; a story that speaks to those who aren’t afraid to push the limits and live at the edge.

Mens & Womens Silver Cross Bracelet. Biker Rocker Bracelet. USA Handcrafted. LUGDUN ARTISANS

Such is the philosophy of LUGDUN ARTISANS. Crafting for over a decade now, they offer quality designer jewelry like men’s rocker / biker rings, torc / cuff bracelets , necklaces and other fine pieces crafted for the independent rebel man. Their jewelry breaks from the norm and make a bold statement to others that a man of distinction knows no bounds.

LUGDUN ARTISANS build upon rustic styles, while others keep it classic. You’ll find jewelry that’s unlike what you'll find at biker bars , rock concerts or elsewhere. LUGDUN ARTISANS Skull Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces Earrings and Ear Weights are forged through fire at the hands of a skilled artisans with a boldness too dangerous for conventional jewelers. Click here to see what Rebel Jewelry is right for you.

Mens Heavy Silver Cuff Torc Bracelet. Handcrafted in the USA. LUGDUN ARTISANS

Like what you see in KingBabyStudio, Tribal Hollywood, NightRider Jewelry, Clocks and Colours, William Henry, J.R. Dunn, Lazarro, and Alexander McQueen? Try LUGDUN ARTISANS today!


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