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Tried our new STAR RING yet?

Mens designer sterling silver statement STAR RING by LUGDUN ARTISANS. Biker rocker rebel jewelry for men and women
Our new STAR RING is here! It’s an image that is bursting with symbolism. Stars have always been steeped with awe and wonder. They are a symbol of ambition and success. Honor and hope. Patriotism and Excellence. And a guiding symbol to remind you to follow your goals, or that fate will guide you. Our 5 point Star Ring is handcrafted in the USA out of Sterling Silver. This solid ring is large with a thick band, making it certainly noticeable on you. It’s a great statement piece that is heavy, reminding you that you’re are wearing a quality piece from LUGDUN ARTISANS. We encourage you to try yours out today. We know you won’t be disappointed! Available in US sizes 10 – 13.5.


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