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MAYAN RING is finally here! LUGDUN ARTISANS' Master Artisan Marcos Miranda takes you in

LUGDUN ARTISANS is a New York born company dedicated to handcrafting unique Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Ear Weights and Earrings for the rebel market. Known and favored by the Biker, Rocker, and Tattooed Elite, each piece is handcrafted by skilled American artisans to give you more than just a piece of jewelry.

Master Artisan Marcos Miranda answers some Q's & A's

(Q) So what's new? (A) I'm currently working on a new MAYAN Ring. I recently got back from a trip to Mexico. This is a place that I always wanted to go to. There is so much history there. Let me tell you something, the Mayans were an incredible civilization. There is so much that they have contributed to the world, including their art. The descendants of the Maya continue to be an amazing group of people. Very hard working, helpful, persevering and well intentioned. I figured that it was time to honor them. The ring that you see me carving out will have a Jade stone and emeralds set on it. I plan on offering a "simplified" version of this design to our customers by the end of this month.

(Q) Why handcrafted? (A) When I founded LUGDUN ARTISANS, I wanted to create unique pieces of jewelry that were unique in nature. Nowadays, so much jewelry out in the market is CAD designed. Computer-aided design allows anyone to create really beautiful pieces, if their imagination allows. However, I believe that a key element is missed when a design is conceived through a computer. And that is organic nature. The human element. All of the LUGDUN ARTISANS designs have first started either as a wax carving or as a collage of sheets and wires of silver soldered together. I believe that this is what makes our brand stand out. The fact that our pieces have a human fingerprint to them, each item that leaves our workshop is as unique as their owner.

LUGDUN ARTISANS Master Artisan Marcos Miranda designing a Mayan style ring. Jewelry Wax Carving

(Q) How long does it take you to create a design? (A) Hours! Mostly days!! I don't make drawings of my designs. I get inspiration from books and pictures from ancient artifacts. From there, my brain kicks into overdrive and I begin to build as I go. The piece I am creating tells me what it wants to end up as. I have no control in that, other than being its vehicle of expression.

LUGDUN ARTISANS Master Artisan Marcos Miranda designing a Mayan style ring. Jewelry Wax Carving

(Q)What materials are used? (A) LUGDUN ARTISANS only uses american sourced Sterling Silver (unless otherwise requested). Our designs are not hollowed out. Because of that, they are heavy, durable and carry their value in material. That's how we like it. If there is one thing that annoys me most, is when I see a chunky ring or medallion in the market and it's hollowed out. Don't pretend to be big and heavy. BE BIG AND HEAVY!!!